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Whatever The Need, We Have A Package

GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited provide different type of freights suitable for air, land, and sea deliveries. No matter how massive is a consignment, we have infrastructure to accommodate and deliver it undamaged on time to any local and almost any of the location in the world.

Sea Freight

The cost is the foremost concern that the high percentage of those who seek when they need sending heavy shipments to foreign countries. They more often than not have enough time for completing their exportation or importation as well. Highly affordable Maharaja Sea Freight Services take every possible step to ensure delivering the shipments that they accept on time to the receivers.

The Maharaja Sea Freight experts are highly experienced of safeguarding Shipping and Delivering tonnes of goods on time arriving at and passing many seaports, complying with their rules and regulations to the letter. We reach many of the major harbours in the world and deliver high volumes of Sea Freight every year to our customers.

We also flourish links with International Movers and accept the delivery from port to the relevant destination with their assistance. According to your requirements, we will combine our links of air, land and sea and reach your destination within the shortest possible time. We will also connect with your buyers or receivers and make necessary arrangements with them in order to complete the delivery of your consignment errorless from the viewpoints of any partners of the deal.

With Maharaja , customers can have some selective options to send their goods via GTV Sea Freights and they are:

Our Carrier Options:

Full container load

Half container load

Conventional Load services

Weight limit load

For Sea freight rates check our Quotes and Rates .

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