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We are the fastest in your need

Our Express Parcel Service is for those who want to send something to a destination within the shortest possible timeframe for affordable fees. Our Speed Parcel Service completes the delivery within 24 hours or less depending on the distance and the type of the delivery. We employ state of the art systems, speedy vehicles, secure freights and skilled manpower to achieve what our customers expect from us well before the given deadline. Thy can also keep connected to us via our Simple online tracking facility or via our round the clock customer care service to know the situation of the duty that they entrust to us.

You are globally safe with GTV

Our International courier service reaches every city in the world within the least possible timeframe. We use logistics and the latest systems to make it possible. Depending on the customers’ request and the type of the consignment, we choose the most suitable and the fastest delivery methods of air, sea or land or combining all. Upon arriving in the relevant city we connect with the local courier sources of that country and carry out your service until we reach the relevant destination on time. We have long lasting partnership with reputable international courier services such as DHL, ARAMEX, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EXPRESS and TOLL. Being the best of International delivery services, they employ most sophisticated, reliable systems to protect the customers’ interest which in return provide the high reputation for Maharaja Parcel Service that it is the most sought after courier service in Sri Lanka for International Shipping and Land Moving delivery services.

All the International consignments that we accept aresupported with money-back guarantee in case of their unexpected damages and losses. Therefore GTV customers do not have to worry about any damage or loss during the delivery of their items. From the day that you entrust your consignments to GTV to until they reach their destination, you can track them online. The Middle Eastern, the UK, the USA, Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Western Union countries are but only some of the destinations of Maharaja Parcel Services.

During urgent situations:
We will use our most swift delivery with complete safety for your most vital packages to and from a wide range of countries, within just a few days.


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