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Our Express Parcel Service is for those who want to send something to a destination within the shortest possible timeframe for affordable fees. Our Speed Parcel Service completes the delivery within 24 hours or less depending on the distance and the type of the delivery. We employ state of the art systems, speedy vehicles, secure freights and skilled manpower to achieve what our customers expect from us well before the given deadline. Thy can also keep connected to us via our Simple online tracking facility or via our round the clock customer care service to know the situation of the duty that they entrust to us.

The Fastest, Most Secured, Lowest Costs

Being accustomed to export and import of Air Freight and Sea Freight for decades we have gained vast experience of every aspect of the trade. Therefore we thought of providing our vast knowledge and experience of these fields for those who are less familiar with the issues of exports and imports. Due to insufficient knowledge of customs related matters in various countries and trade agreements between countries, many novice businesspersons who want to expand their activities into foreign countries face grave problems which even push them to close their businesses altogether.

Such businesspersons do not have to worry about exports and imports of their productions and raw materials anymore since we are readily available to them now. They can discuss the import and export issues with us or entrust to us their entire matters of that segment and we will fulfill their requirements without giving them any extra burden.

We also can enlighten you in export and import issues whenever you need them. We can enlighten you in trade agreements, packages requirements, required quality of goods, International Movers , fees of different segments, Seaport and Airport issues, and all the other matters pertaining to exports and imports for affordable charges thereby releasing you from great burden which otherwise you have to bear amidst great risks to your business.


- We have good knowledge and understanding regarding shipping and transporting goods around the world.


- We ensure that your packages are protected till it reaches your destination safely.


- We will guide you regarding matters pertaining to customs requirements for any country.


- We recommend and work with best courier and class of service.


- We have the capacity to handle bulk shipment and mail order fulfillment.


- Transport charges are payable by receiver or third party.


- Available for specific pick up locations to all major business centers.


Get same-day delivery for pressing needs and 2-3 day service when there’s free time on your hands. All services are supported by our money back guarantee.

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Get quick and reliable express delivery with a time-definite trustworthy service in less than just a week all the way across the globe to any city ...

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