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Delivery Services, Fulfillment services

We are updating constantly to match with the latest innovations of the world. Our target is to provide you with the most affordable, quickest, and the highest quality services within your short notice of requiring our service.

You do not need to arrive at one of our branches or at our head office at Wellawatte to entrust us a task. Now you can receive our services by being in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are when you need our service. If your need is to send a consignment, parcel, gift or any other you can enter our online service and entrust your needs to Maharaja Parcel Service. Surfing our website is highly convenient since it provides user-friendly, fast options. You just have to fill an online form available on our website and fill in a few relevant fields on it.

Origin and Destination Address

Contact person and contact number

Length, width and height

Approximate weight

Value of the package

Delivery date and time

Now submit the filled-in form and we will take care of your consignment then onward irrespective of its size and destination until it reaches the required location on time. You can keep touch with the way we commit to your service throughout the delivery via online, being at home or from wherever you are. We are savvy in latest IT systems and worldwide network. Therefore, our activities on your behalf are open and transparent to our customers, round the clock.