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Why We Are Unique

The late Mr. Sivasaranam, the beloved father of the present chairman of GTV Enterprises Group, Mr. Vijay Guganathan, laid the foundation in 1958 for what now have become a large group of companies by opening ‘Lanka Stores’ from scratch at Dehiwela in Sri Lanka.

It was one of the most sought after groceries in the area at that time since it provided people with goods at very low and fair prices. The popularity of Mr. Sivasaranam and his store became even much higher when it partnered in 1979 with famous K. D. Leoris & Sons in Pettah which engaged in island-wide businesses.

However, the much trusted Lanka Stores and K.D. Leoris & Sons both had to close their businesses in 1983 due to ethnic riots erupted in Sri Lanka which caused extensive damages to their premises and goods therein. Undaunted by the unfortunate events that took place in this dark era, the ever optimistic son of the late Mr. Sivasaranam, reviewed the situation and studied multiple business ventures carefully and extensively for over three years before opening ‘Vijeya Enterprise’ in 1986. Thus he established a place for what his father had so much trusted in ‘doing business in Sri Lanka’ despite great obstacles he faced, for the betterment of the Island and everyone concerned.

Located at No. 44, 4th Cross Street, Pettah, Vijeya Enterprise grasped the attention of the Sri Lankans and even of foreigners gradually by providing food items of supreme quality including rice, potatoes, onions and lentils, to name a few from a long list. Vijeya Enterprise purchased many of the food items that they sold from local farmers and producers. Only some quality products that were not available in the Island were imported from neighbouring countries.

Just a decade after this successful initial venture, the present chairman expanded the business by purchasing a property in Colombo 6, Wellawatte at No. 18/3, Dr. E. A. Corray Mawatha. The present head office of the GTV Enterprise (Pvt) Limited is on this property. The business first started with the name ‘Maharaja Food Products’ under which hand-roasted rice flour has been introduced to the Island at the time. Before long this quality food product of Maharaja Food Products became a household name.

To meet the ever increasing demand for the product, the company rented a new location at Dicovita in the Wattala area in 1998 and this place was mainly used for producing and packaging hand-roasted rice flour. Still the production could not meet the high demand and eventually a new company was established in 2004 at Mabola in the Wattala Area, essentially to increase hand-roasted rice flour production.

Just after a year from this landmark achievement of the Group, the premises in Wellawatte were converted into a supermarket and courier agency. Today they have become a hive of business activities providing numerous services for the customers, local and foreign. By this time, the expansion and diversification of the business was felt a paramount necessity by the present chairman.

As a result, in 2005 GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited was established under a panel of four highly qualified directors and a consultant. At present Vijeya Enterprises and Maharaja Food Products are sole subsidiaries of the GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited. After passing an arduous and eventful era of its history, today GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited are engaging in its businesses smoothly and lucratively.

Our businesses are manifold today. We holds the lead in numerous business fields at present. The GTV Group is also the leader of exporting many food products and other items such as fruits, vegetables and newspapers to the UK, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and Singapore, to name but only few of them. Partnering and dealing with prestigious international agents and companies, GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited now provides the most sought after courier services in Sri Lanka as well.

Logistically, GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited is one of the most efficient and extremely sophisticated courier services available in the country for locals as well as for foreigners. It is also one of the highly sought after clearing and forwarding agents in Sri Lanka that constantly enhances cordial connections with many of the international airlines and shipping companies.

The inland courier services of GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited have gained reputation as the fastest, most reliable and highly affordable. The company has many branches island-wide. Connecting these branches and island-wide agents, the GTV operate ultra-modern fleet of freight vehicles.

Since the inland freight services of GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited is highly trustable and affordable, it is the foremost name that locals and tourists recall when they want to send goods to any location in the island. The migrated Sri Lankan workers and their loving ones in Sri Lanka also select GTV Courier Services to exchange goods and gifts without any hesitation due to its proven record of unmatched services.

Now GTV boasts hundreds of highly qualified, skilled staff which is the strength of the company behind its success. We work as one family and are committed to serve everyone wholeheartedly who reaches us seeking a service. Ours boasts state of the art logistics, equipment, vehicles and highly effective freight services irrespective of the route; land, sea or air. Above all, the group is blessed with a visionary management that provide all that need for creating inimitable and undefeatable conglomerate in the global business arena.

Quality, Reliability, Dependability and Affordability are default parts of the unmatched services that the customers of GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited receive at all times. Integrity of the GTV Enterprises needs not to be tested since it has been experienced by thousands of worldwide customers everyday.

We, GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited, are today a symbol of perseverance, inspirations, aspirations and integrity. We have become unique in our business fields and the locations that every one seeks to purchase goods, to change foreign money, to send goods to any location locally or internationally, to buy Sri Lankan quality goods in foreign countries, to seek business consultations, to invest in various businesses and many more.

Today we are the best in providing the highest quality. Tomorrow, we will be the supersonic in providing our services at their ultra best.