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Land Delivery

Regardless of the size of your package we will provide a cheap and reliable priced solution. Our land freight is catered towards ....


Air Delivery

Air freight is the mode which uses the best delivery speeds depending on your choice and requirements. With the help of our ...


Sea Delivery

The most reasonable and cost-efficient freight choice is this. Our wide range of Ocean freight Service working together with ...

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 GTV Enterprises Private Limited

The logistic unit of a company which carried out export and import had got enlarged in size, started to function as a separate entity and resulted in the formation of GTV Enterprises (Private) Limited in the year 2005. It has been formed exclusively as a courier enterprise which has cargo services, cargo service provider to all the countries around the world.

Currency Exchange

In addition to our flexible delivery service system, we look forward to provide more ...

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GTV has a wide base knowledge in freight transportation worldwide and we ...

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From delivering your own package first thing the next morning or a customer...

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Regardless of the size of your package we will provide a cheap and ...

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Working along with world renowned alliances such as DHL, FEDEX and ARAMEX, ..

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E commerce

GTV has this amazing option for you, where you can send in your parcels and ....

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About GTV Export

GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd exports food items, newspapers, fruits and vegetables to various countries such as the UK, Canada, France, Germany,Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore e.t.c.GTV Enterprises has a lucrative courier agency dealing with worldwide logistics and courier companies.